link to the book of figure drawings by the artist Dorian Vallejo



The practice of drawing the nude from life is one of the fundamental cornerstones of art. It simultaneously keeps the artist’s eye sharp and helps to continually develop his visual language. There are other paths to creative expression in the visual arts, but in regards to realism, working from life is so critical that many artists continue the practice of figure drawing for the rest of their lives. It offers the freedom to openly explore new ideas while also adding to an artist’s technique.

On this site, artist Dorian Vallejo displays a selection of his figure drawings and offers Giclée prints on acid-free archival quality paper for purchase. Although the focus of this collection is of nude or partially nude figures, drawings of fully clothed models are available as well. The larger sizes increasingly reveal the unique techniques that are used to create the drawings, displaying an exciting array of abstract lines, bold scribbles and splashes of color. In some cases, the drawings almost appear abstract. Although these fine art nudes come from a tradition of classical drawing where accuracy is of paramount importance, the point here is not a strict adherence to photographic accuracy but rather the use of the nude as a creative point of departure. It is from these roots and this philosophical intent that Dorian engages his figure drawings. In these rapid studies, he creates art that demonstrates his relationship and connection between the past and the present.

This is the melting pot of mixed interests and ideas where everything begins as an expression in its elemental state. Ideas for future paintings, explorations in technique and experiments with different media all begin to emerge in the research laboratory that is a session working from life.

Born into an artistic family Dorian literally began drawing while sitting on his father’s lap as a toddler. His first commissions were at the age of 11. A few years later at the age of 14 he attended his first sketch classes with his parents. Dorian then began his career in his late teens when he began receivting commissions from book publishers in New York while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York. As the field increasingly began to incorporate the use of computer-generated images, Vallejo felt the need to pursue other avenues with his art. His love of traditional media and people, drew him to classical portraiture and to the gallery world where he had the freedom to express his ideas.

Subtle and beautiful, the intimate life portrait is a rendered from life, either in the artist's studio or on location.

The utmost care and consideration is given to the subject’s comfort and security. After selecting from one of a dozen or more quick sketches, the subject’s portrait is rendered in charcoal, pencil, sepia and/or paint. The typical drawing is accomplished in approximately three hours.

Prices for drawings are available upon request, as are travel costs for assignments on location.